Install with

Install with Ruby

If you have rubygems and Ruby 1.9.3 or higher, you can install by:
gem install screenxtv
bash$ gem install screenxtv
 Install screenxtv
bash$ rehash
 Reload $PATH
Run `screenxtv` and follow the instructions.
bash$ screenxtv
Create a new URL. If given "foo", your URL will be "".
> myurl
Terminal Color [BLACK/white/green/novel]
> white
> Live HelloWorld!
Your url is

Press Enter to start broadcasting
To stop broadcasting, `exit` from the screen.
bash$ exit
[screen is terminating]
broadcast end
Options are:
bash$ screenxtv -h
Usage: screenxtv [options]
    -u [url]
    -c [color]
    -t [title]
    -f config_file

bash$ screenxtv -u myurl2 -t "New Title"
 Broadcast with url="myrul2" and title="New Title"
bash$ screenxtv -u
 The tool will ask you for a new url
bash$ screenxtv -reset
 Reset configurations
bash$ screenxtv -f ./conf.yml
 Save the config to "./conf.yml" instead of "~/.screenxtv.yml"
bash$ screenxtv -private
 Starting private broadcasting.
 Screens won't be displayed on the top page.
 The only user who knows the url can watch your screen.
 URL would be like http://screenxtv/private/[random_id]

Install with GCC

ScreenX TV Client for GCC is available in GitHub: screenxtv-gcc-client

Want other ways? It's the time to contribute!

Our codes are almost all published under MIT License at :D